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i1168 ISMART ម៉ាសុីនចាបមូស Black Warrior Mosquito Killer Lamp

i1168 ISMART ម៉ាសុីនចាបមូស Black Warrior Mosquito Killer Lamp

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*Feature introduction:

1. The model with a sense of science and technology, with high appearance, can be placed on the desktop in addition to hanging on the wall horizontally and vertically;
2. The size is reduced, but the effect of killing mosquitoes is doubled. The 2500V circular high-voltage power grid makes mosquitoes die when touched;
3. 360° mosquito trap light source + 360° mosquito-killing high-voltage power grid = 360° all-round no dead angle trap and kill;
4. Using cold cathode UV lamp, the wavelength is stabilized at 365NM (the most favorite wavelength of mosquitoes), which can effectively attract mosquitoes;
5. The power is only 9W, energy-saving and power-saving, the environmental protection ambassador in the electric mosquito killer!
6. Innovation: Electric shock mosquito killing mode + inhalation mosquito killing mode is used at the same time, mosquito killing is more efficient.

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