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i1232 Mouse Dual-Mode Wireless Mouse

i1232 Mouse Dual-Mode Wireless Mouse

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i1232 Mouse Dual-Mode Wireless Mouse


·Ultra-thin design, lightweight and easy to carry

Usage: Bluetooth/Wireless 2.4G USB

·Silent left and right buttons create a quiet and comfortable experience in multiple scenarios such as office and home.

Resolution: 1000dpi/1200dpi/1600dpi three levels

Rated working voltage: 3V

•2.4G wireless transmission technology, the signal is stable and without delay, and can support a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters

Number of mouse buttons: four

Rated operating current: 40uS-10mA

·Classic versatile colors, full of texture

Rechargeable battery: built-in polymer battery

●Built-in 450mAh large battery, can be used for up to 1 month on a single charge

Transmission distance: 3 meters to 10 meters range

●Dual-mode design, switch at will, compatible with both Bluetooth mode and USB mode

Receiving sensitivity:-75dbm (standard)

●Smooth operation, responsive response, fast mouse movement without delay, playing games

System support: Win8/10//MAC OS X operating system

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