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i963 iSmart Screen UV Liquid Laser

i963 iSmart Screen UV Liquid Laser

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ជាប្រភេទ​ Screen Protector ដែលបិទស្អិតពេញអេក្រង់

រលោងស្រួលចុចដូចអេក្រង់ហ្ស៊ីន​ ហេីយរឹងមាំជាង​ Screen ធម្មតា​​ x5




-ស្រ្គីននេះបិទរួចមិនអាចបកបិទម្តងទៀតបានទេ បេីមានការបង្ហេីបដោយប្រការណាមួយគឺមិនថិតនៅក្នុងការធានានោះឡេីយ។

-បេីមានធូលីជាប់គែម ត្រូវជូតដោយក្រណាត់សេីមនឹងសាប៊ូ​ មិនត្រូវប្រេីដៃ​រឺក្រណាត់ស្ងួតជូននោះទេ។

-សម្រាប់តែប្រភេទទូរស័ព្ទដែលមានការពារទឹក បេីមានការខូចខាតលេីទូរស័ព្ទដោយប្រការណាមួយ យេីងខ្ញុំមិនអាចទទួលខុសត្រូវបានឡេីយ។ 

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Our vision

Leading Cambodia brand to the world!


Make happiness shopping experience!

Core values

Disciplined, Responsibilities, Result, Honest, Happy, Education, Morality. 

Our Story

    • - iSmart Cambodia started in 2012 as a Smartphone accessories wholesale Shop in Klang Rom Sav Market.
    •  2013 we are starting to study and public the online shopping Commerce as a wholesale website name: the is the standard e-commerce platform to reach more customer & let our customer reach us Easier, our Physical Shop at #43, Street 206 in Phnom Penh Cambodia.  
    • 2014 we are move the physical shop to be more sensibilities at the Corner of Bak Tuk High School & Phsar DEGO Blvd.
    • 2015 we are Public a new Online Shopping Retail shop Name : to provide uniqueness shopping experience for our beloved consumer customer.
    • Mid of 2015 Our new retail shop Located at the Kampuchea Krom Blvd.,sticked to the 7Makara Bridge & Tao Phi Garden. customer easier to fine & visit our Store, the new shop High-end renovation is adding more value for our customers & we adding more value at our Customer servicing, we creating the happiness shopping Standard for every our purchased customers!
    • 2016, we updated our website URL to for easier remember and type.
    • Mid of 2016, we tried to open 2 more brand to testing our operation ability, but unfortunately that we failed at the end of 2017.
    • 2018 we build a bigger main outlet, next to our HQ office. this building including IS mart, IS Coffee & Office space for business.
    • 2019 we came out with a brand new Franchise outlet's idea with a Kiosk at 3F of Olympia Mall as our 2ns outlet again!
    • 2020 ISMART9 Trading Co., Ltd. Company officially registered in Cambodia.
    • 2020 JAN we start wholesale outlet at the tech wholesale market, the Klangromsav market. MAR the new Franchise outlet at the WB Arena Community mall. JUN we start the cooperate outlet in the AEON 2 in the AEON Supermarket. at SEP we start Cooperate sale with the NOJIMA JAPAN Biggest Electronic store.
    • 2021 Feb cooperate sale outlet with Aeon Cambodia in Aeon1 at 2Floor
    By the ways, our street still very long, and we also open heart to welcome new potential partnership whose like to do a business with us. Welcome Team, Franchisee, Cooperate partner or Investor!  
      Our Founder and CEO:
      Mr. Yeam Vay (Fido)

      Contact us

      Outlet ISMART 7 Makara Bridge: (855) 089-999-768
      Outlet ISMART WB Arena Mall: (855) 081-836-383
      Meeting room Booking at IS COFFEE: (855) 081-222-886 
      Wholesale Outlet ISMART Chenla Tech Center: (855) 092-63-86-86

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